Hello Autumn

Here it is October already!  When did that happen?  We are moving along in our schoolwork but not without some issues.  Not everyone has a great attitude about school so the principal has stepped in to help work out some adjustments!  Homeschooling the upper grades is quite different from the younger years.  We shall persevere and the Lord will see us through! 

As I glance out the window beside me I can see beautiful color in the trees across the street.  I love this time of year,  not only for it’s beauty but because the crisp, fall air brings about welcome changes. The fresh apples are out and they are abundant here in western NY!  (I feel an apple crisp coming on….) Not too mention all the baking I’ve tried to avoid through out the summer — now I want to flick on the oven (it’s a new convection oven to boot!) and bake up some muffins, breads and roasts. 

And don’t you just love to pull out the cozy throws and snuggle up in the evening?  It has me thinking about what new book to choose for a read-a-long. I’ve already coaxed Jordan into lighting the fireplace a few times. =) 


One thought on “Hello Autumn

  1. Sounds so cozy! I need to make & can applesauce & apple pie filling this week or next. It's been awhile since I've visited-the children are looking so much older-great pictures! Holly

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