Classical Music Web-site for Kids!

I recently found what I think is a great resource for us non-musical homeschool moms who wish we could add music appreciation to our schools painlessly!  The most popular classical pieces are explained to children at the Classics For Kids website!  Complete with lessons plans (if you want to " go there") the site is so easy to use!

Maybe you have heard these broadcasts on the radio.  If not,  you are able to listen to past broadcasts right at the site – which are brought to us in a kid-friendly tone that includes commentary and snippets of music.   I think this is wonderful to put on as "background noise" while the kids are coloring or doing lego’s.  I am using it to have Jordan and Jesse listen to as they work on art. (Killing two birds with one stone!)  Of course,  you could certainly set aside 20 minutes a week and have them focus completely on the broadcast and then play one of the games on-line or do a quick work-sheet (some are provided!)

Ideal for elementary age – if you have been looking for a music appreciation web-site you have to check this one out!  Classics for Kids


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