With Art In Mind

This year I used the book “With Art In Mind” from BJU Press as my guide for art lessons with Jordan and Jesse.  This book is very well suited for mixed media art with 4 – 8th grade students. The boys completed 12 lessons (one per week during our 3rd quarter) to meet our NY state requirement for Art.  While they worked we listened to lessons from “Classics for Kids” which helped to fulfill our music requirement as well!

“With Art in Mind” is a collection of 60 lessons divided into seven categories such as “Colored Markers/Crayons”, “Tempera”, and “Cut or Torn Paper”.  We took some lessons from each category.

I explained what they were to do and often completed one of the projects ahead of time as a sample.  The book also gives 2 or 3 examples of the completed project.  I chose projects that could be completed with basic art supplies we have at our home.  I’m offering a few photos of what they accomplished:

Bubble Aquarium:

Illuminated Letter:

Chalk Animals:

Torn Figures:

Abstract Still Life;


I was surprised at how Joshua (4.5 years) became interested in doing his “art” and began to ask “Can we do Art today, mom?”.  He was proud of his pictures too!


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