Hello Autumn

Here it is October already!  When did that happen?  We are moving along in our schoolwork but not without some issues.  Not everyone has a great attitude about school so the principal has stepped in to help work out some adjustments!  Homeschooling the upper grades is quite different from the younger years.  We shall persevere and the Lord will see us through! 

As I glance out the window beside me I can see beautiful color in the trees across the street.  I love this time of year,  not only for it’s beauty but because the crisp, fall air brings about welcome changes. The fresh apples are out and they are abundant here in western NY!  (I feel an apple crisp coming on….) Not too mention all the baking I’ve tried to avoid through out the summer — now I want to flick on the oven (it’s a new convection oven to boot!) and bake up some muffins, breads and roasts. 

And don’t you just love to pull out the cozy throws and snuggle up in the evening?  It has me thinking about what new book to choose for a read-a-long. I’ve already coaxed Jordan into lighting the fireplace a few times. =) 


Summer Boredom

Jesse is "officially" bored with summer…. already!??
He told me he would like to start his Language Arts/grammar curriculum for grade 4 as soon as it arrives at our home!

We just celebrated his 9th birthday on Tuesday!  We were able to spend some time at the park and he got an "Eyeclops" for his gift.  Cool present but it only keeps him occupied for so long…

I’m thinking hard about some type of summer project for him – how do you keep your 9 year busy doing something worthwhile?

Ready for Spring and an Update

I’m sure you all are longing for Spring – it can’t come soon enough – we had snow flurries here in NY yesterday,  sigh

School has been keeping us real busy though as we have "our nose to the grindstone" trying to finish up as much as we can before the nice weather arrives and we all get spring fever!

We have started back to Monday co-op,  mostly for Kayla who is continuing her Spanish class which she enjoys very much.  Her photography class begins tomorrow and she is looking forward to that.  Jordan and Jessie have joined the chess class/club for co-op – this is an hour long session and is the only
class they are taking there this spring. 

Last Friday ended our Third Quarter so I will be busy this week preparing
quarterly reports to send in to the school district.  In other family news, Jordan will be getting braces this Wednesday so this will day of mixed emotions.  My "little" Josh has taken quite an interest in coloring/drawing in the past month – while he is mostly scribbling he has tried to scrawl out his name a few times.  He especially enjoys markers and is finishing page after page of masterpieces!

What’s new with your homeschool?

We Made It

Phew! We made it through our first week back to school after our unexpected 2 week break over the holidays. I had planned to take just 5 days off but turns out hubby was off from work and we generally can’t get anything done when daddy’s home so it was a great chance to just relax and regroup. Ahh — during the days between Christmas and New Year we actually had HOURS off time with “nothing” we had to do! We read, did puzzles, played games, curled up to some movies and I crocheted. I took down the “tree” and some other decorations that needed to be taken care of before we started school again. Praise the Lord we were all healthy and enjoyed a lot of time with family/friends as well.

Regarding school, I am pleased with what we accomplished this week — praying all the way for motivation and good attitudes! I’ll have to count all the snow we got here in NY as a blessing – it kept us inside for the most part. Jesse’s piano lessons started back up and we are meeting for our little Botany class on Thursdays again (hoping to show photo’s of all the mini-books we’ve done in the near future). Jordan, who is doing well with Teaching Textbooks Math, is working out of his math book this week since our family computer is out-of-order ( he usually completes his math on the computer). Kayla works primarily in her bedroom so I barely saw her until mid-afternoon most days but I did occasionally hear her strumming her guitar. =) We got some quizzes out of the way with decent scores and I have signed us up for our IOWA testing come the end of April. Our second quarter ends Jan. 23rd.

How was your first week back?

Enjoying the warm autumn days!

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
Emily Bronte

We have been blessed by warm and wonderful fall weather this October!
Yesterday, Jordan was able to take full advantage of it when he went on an canoe outing with our church youth group.  He brought his camera but when I picked him up he told me he had so much fun there was no time to take pictures!

Saturday,  we enjoyed one last grill cook-out with my sister and her family!  My kids always love to visit with cousins.  So nice to have the mild weather! 
The boys played soccer in the morning with our homeschool group and, wow, did the sun feel nice as we watched from the side lines. 

After school today Jordan, Kayla and I helped my mom with just a bit of yard work.  Tending to her front gardens, etc…  She had her gall bladder removed two weeks ago and we were happy to help out with her "fall clean up"!  

I hope your enjoying autumn too!

Summer… enjoy it while it lasts!

How is your summer going?  Have you found some time to relax? get to that certain project? garden? read the book that’s been at your bedside since February?

I’m enjoying all those things and especially love being able to spend more quality time with the kids (other than school work , ya know?!)   For instance, yesterday was just a beautiful day here in  NY and we spread a blanket under a shady tree in the backyard and had an impromptu picnic.  Afterwards I read two chapters from "The Treasure Seekers" to the boys.   Josh doesn’t sit still that long but, hey, we were outside so he could wander around and poke with sticks while we were reading.

We had a wonderful time over the Fourth of July weekend.  I’m sharing a few pictures of our annual picnic/campout with my sister and her family….

There were 5 tents in all.

That’s Jordan and my nephew around the campfire.  Burnt marshmallows abound.

Kayla with her "papa"

Jordan with his dad (and my awesome husband! )

Jesse with a cousin.  They were so cute with their stuffed animals and little lanterns.

They caught fireflies.

"The Sister" and fabulous hostess.

Summer Break!

Can it be true?

  Is summer really here?


We have officially closed the grade book on yet another year of homeschooling. How time flies by!!  Next week I will turn in our 4th quarter reports and call it "done" for the summer.  What a year!

I am looking forward to two months off and some time to relax and enjoy the nice weather.  I like waking up in the morning without the pressures of another school day ahead of us.  The kids need a break too.  They will not be asked to do anything in the way of school until after July 4th when I plan to begin reading The Fallacy Detective with Kayla and Jordan. (We will keep it short and only a few days a week!) 

A list of school related things for me to get done over the summer:

 – Mail in the 4th quarter reports to school district
 – Clear off everyones book shelves and replace with next years
   school work. (Find a place for all the old stuff I’ll need to hang on to for the next child.)
 – Shop for a few needed school supplies
 – Write out some schedules/goals for each child for the new year.
 – List some used curriculum for sale.
 – Check my list of curriculum still needed and purchase.
 – Keep up with our daily read-a-louds.

How about you?


I’ll be 53 – how about you?

We are soaking up all the sunny Spring weather here in New York – its truly been wonderful! All our trees are budding this week and the new, young growth is so pretty and vibrant green. Jordan has been bringing me daffodils daily that he picks from the back yard. Our little cherry tree’s are full of white blossoms and there are plant shoots popping up everywhere in the flower beds! The only down side of Spring is we all want to be outside instead of home schooling! (Can you relate?!)

Despite the sunshine, we have managed to get some school done … I wish we were further along but there is only so much I can do! We are in the "home stretch" of our school year now – just the last 20 – 30 lessons in each book and we’ll be done. Ahhh…. there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

A few weeks ago I heard a home school mom speak at our co-op meeting. She has already graduated 2 children and has another graduate this year, that leaves 4 at home. She figured she will be 60 years old when the last one graduates! This prompted me to figure out my age at the end of schooling my family and it’s 53! (Josh doesn’t start for another 2 years) What am I going to do with myself at that point? Just think of all the time I’ll have on my hands!! LOL. I’m sure I’ll miss it though. I already dread having Kayla leave for college and it’s still 3 years away!

So… how old will YOU be when your finished home schooling? And what do you see yourself doing?

Not a postive post, just being honest

The cold and dreary winter weather is matching my cold and dreary mood.  

Homeschool has been very challenging lately (to put it nicely) and I’m struggling.   Motivation is low and we all seemed to be on edge.  The school work is taking sooooo long to finish each day and then the next day we do it all over again.   It is Math and English/Lang.  that consume the most time,  not only working through the lesson but the amount of corrections that need to be done afterward.

 Jesse is no problem,  I teach him his lessons and he does his work in about hour then he usually reads for 20 min or so.  The only thing he doesn’t like is when he has to do writing assignments which are about twice per week.

The older two have much harder work.  They are not A students (I’m not saying that to be mean,  its just the truth) and they have to work hard to get good grades.  We have tried many different curriculums to see if it would help but the fact is they just need to put in the time.    Meanwhile,  I am having fantasies of getting  a job and sending them all to private school.