Freebie from The Old Schoolhouse!

Just as we begin our new school year,  The Old Schoolhouse is offering a wonderful e-book to help us get off on the right foot!  And it’s FREE!

The opening article by Karen Sargent (homeschool to mom to 4 graduates and 1 still at home) was encouraging and the "special OPS" section looks especially good to me.  You can get your free download here:


The New School Year – Planning your Course and letting the Lord determine your Steps


Library Books

Where would a homeschool mom be without the local library?  And I love (and take advantage of) the great invention of inter-library loans! 

I recently borrowed the book "What to Read When" and through it found several fun book suggestions for Jesse & Joshua’s age group!

(image borrowed from Amazon)

Joshua and I have enjoyed these books this week:

Captain Duck is about a mischievous duck who takes his friends on a wild boat ride.

Penelope Nuthatch’s day does not turn out as she expected too!

I Like To Be Little is a little girls reasons why she is in no hurry to be a grown-up.  (There is a page about dressing up for Halloween).

Family Devotion Time

Since our children range in age from 3 – 16 it is sometimes difficult to choose what we will use for family devotions.  We always read a portion of the Bible and have Praise and Prayer time but we also include reading some type of devotional.  For a long time that was "Keys for Kids" but Kayla and Jordan have outgrown those stories now.  Still,  I will often vary materials to keep all ages interested but I like to go with books geared more toward our teens because the younger boys can still glean from what we discuss as long as we don’t do anything to heavy.   Having said that, we just finished reading through "How God Used A Thunderstorm" for family devotion time.  It is ideal for ages 7 – 11 but the older kids still enjoyed the stories and there are a few questions at the end of each story to prompt discussion which is always good.  They also give a Scripture passage that goes along with the story.

How God Used A Thunderstorm

I’m always on the look out for good devotionals,  I would love to hear what your using.

An Official TOS Affiliate

As a homeschooling mom I know the need for regular homeschooling advice and encouragement and I’ve found a rich source in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!  That’s why I’m proud to announce that I am now a TOS affiliate and will be bringing you special offers from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and company store right from my blog! 

If your not already a subscriber to The Old Schoolhouse please click the link and read all about this wonderful homeschooling magazine.  Every issue is brimming with articles and information for mom and student alike!  I love reading about other homeschooling families around the globe.  Need curriculum reviews?  You’ve come to the right place!  Love a contest where the prize is actually something you’ll use?  Again, TOS has it for you.  And you won’t believe all the free gifts you’ll receive just for subscribing.

You can also visit the Company Store to find tons of homeschooling helps all with FREE shipping.  Gotta love it.  I have my own copy of
Homeschooling the Highschooler e-book and highly recommend it!

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share TOS with you.  I hope you find it a blessing.

Guess Again! Riddle Poems

We are having a lot of fun this week reading Guess Again! Riddle Poems by Lillian Morrison.

"Where it comes from
 there’s no knowing.
You can kill it
but it keeps on going."

I borrowed this book from our local library (I heart the library!) and everyone is getting in on the fun of guessing the riddles.  Jesse really likes it when he’s the first one to get the correct answer!  Have you figured out the answer to the riddle poem above?

Highlight the answer here:   TIME
(to highlight the answer, press and hold the left button on your mouse and scroll over the area)

Help for the Stressed Mom!

Do you know Cindy Rushton?  She’s a dynamic home schooling mama with a heart for the Lord and she wants to encourage you today!  I’ve already downloaded this FREE 26 page booklet all about getting a proper schedule going to run your home!   I’ve been burdened to make this a priority before we begin home schooling again in just 3 weeks — Thanks, Cindy!

Scheduling: Help for the Stressed, Inconsistent, Want-to-be Flexible and Organized Mom!

Easy Ideas to Help Make This School Year Great!–Scheduling.pdf


Hurry,  this link will only be around for a limited time!

Free Downloadable E-book for You!

Do you receive Cindy Rushton’s e-zine in your inbox? I have enjoyed her ministry to homeschooling moms for the past few years and if you haven’t checked out her websites, blog or e-zine, your missing out!  Her latest e-zine has a special treat! It is a FREE DOWNLOADable e-book! With Cindy’s permission, I have used her words below to included the information here for you…


A Free Download!

See, I Told Me So!: Homeschool Veterans Declare, "You Can Stop Worrying!"

veterans opening their hearts and homes to homeschoolers everywhere. If you ever have those days that you are not sure you can

keep on, keeping on, you would find this book to be a life-line! If you just want a bit of encouragement throughout your journey,

this will become a favorite.

($9.95 Value)

This homeschool gem is the brainchild of author/editor/publisher Tammy Cardwell and the result of twenty homeschool veterans opening their hearts and homes to homeschoolers everywhere.

download directly to your computer by clicking here:


I downloaded this 111 page e-book and it looks just terrific. Some of the chapter titles include:

"It’s a Wonderful Life", "Babies don’t Keep", "What About College?", "For His Glory" and, get this, "I Hated Homeschool"!

Cindy said this book was donated to her so after downloading it — pop over to the authors beautiful website and see what it’s all about:

I hope you all are blessed by this info.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Cindy’s e-zine "Homeschooling the Easy Way" especially for us homeschoolers!  She even has free MP3 downloads too — love that!






Free print out for Weary Homeschool Moms!

                      Great News!  We're ALL Winners!!

Remember the contest I mentioned last week?  The one where you could enter to win a booklet called “Rest for Weary Homeschool Moms”.   Well,  Amy at Humble Musings was kind enough to get permission to print the booklet on her blog.  If you 'd like to read or print out a copy click here.

If for some reason the link doesn't work than go to Amy's site (link above) and just scroll down to her post on 9/29/06.

Isn't that wonderful??  I'm looking forward to reading it and sharing it with the moms in my “homeschool circle.”

                                            ~HAPPY SCHOOLING!~