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Homeschool Open House

The Homeschool Lounge is hosting their annual Homeschool Open House where you can share about your homeschool plans for the upcoming year,meet other homeschoolers, and win great prizes too!

Homeschool Lounge Open House

Our curriculum plans for 2009 are listed over in my right hand side bar under each of the children.  We will continue to participate in co-op which has been a huge blessing over our last 9 homeschool years!  I have seen the Lord provide many opportunities for the kids through co-op….

Kayla will continue with Spanish 2 (a great class to study within in a group) and will be completing her
Apologia Chemistry labs at co-op (while completing the textbook at home).

Jordan and Jesse be taking a NY state history class which goes along perfectly with the "Around NY in 80 Days" curriculum I was planning to do with them anyway!  Also,  Jesse will be taking a gym class.

Joshua will also participate in co-op!  He is taking a gym class for his age group as well as partcipating in a "ABC" class that I will teach.

All of these classes help to relieve my teaching burden as well as meet NY State requirements!

At home we are trying out a few new (to us) books as well:

"Teaching the Essay" – Analytical Grammar

"Our Nation Under God" – Christian Liberty Press

"With Art in Mind" – BJU Press

"Building Better Bodies – Health" – Hayes publishing

My favorite resource for buying Homeschool materials is Rainbow Resource!  If you’ve never tried them you need to visit their website and request one of the 1000+ page catalogs!

May God bless your homeschools this year!


Here are just a few of the great prizes you can win just by entering…. below are my top choices!

1.  Rainbow Resource Center gift card
2. Homeschool Boutique T-shirts
3. Home Educating Family magazine subscription

Stony Brook State Park

We enjoyed a wonderful day at Stony Brook Park last week.  God provided us with great weather and some awesome scenery to enjoy!  Kayla was on a trip with the church youth group so we were sorry she missed out and is not in the "family" picture below.

Library Books

Where would a homeschool mom be without the local library?  And I love (and take advantage of) the great invention of inter-library loans! 

I recently borrowed the book "What to Read When" and through it found several fun book suggestions for Jesse & Joshua’s age group!

(image borrowed from Amazon)

Joshua and I have enjoyed these books this week:

Captain Duck is about a mischievous duck who takes his friends on a wild boat ride.

Penelope Nuthatch’s day does not turn out as she expected too!

I Like To Be Little is a little girls reasons why she is in no hurry to be a grown-up.  (There is a page about dressing up for Halloween).

Summer Boredom

Jesse is "officially" bored with summer…. already!??
He told me he would like to start his Language Arts/grammar curriculum for grade 4 as soon as it arrives at our home!

We just celebrated his 9th birthday on Tuesday!  We were able to spend some time at the park and he got an "Eyeclops" for his gift.  Cool present but it only keeps him occupied for so long…

I’m thinking hard about some type of summer project for him – how do you keep your 9 year busy doing something worthwhile?

He’s In the Clouds!

Recently Joshua (age 4) and I had a "conversation" that I want to remember.  He has been asking many questions about where God is and just the other day told me "My brain can’t understand that God is everywhere." (that’s OK, many adults can’t accept that fact either!)

Our conversation on the way to the dentist office….

Joshua is looking out the car window–

"Mom, is God in the clouds?"

"Yes, Joshua,  remember I told you that he is everywhere?"

"Is he on my button?"

"He is if he wants to be"

"Is he in the carpet?"

"He’s everywhere."

"Is He ON the clouds?"

"God is all around us but you can’t see him because he’s not a person like us."

————– Long Pause ————

Joshua (still looking out the window) –  "Well,  I think the clouds are beautiful! "

I think your beautiful Joshua! I’m blessed to be your mom.